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Clear your mind here

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lets stop calling middle aged people that are sexist and racist “traditional”

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Cut off the bottoms of my feet, made me walk on salt
Take me down to the police, charge me with assault
A smile on her face, she does what she wants to me
That’s right and she don’t care what kind of wounds she’s inflicting on me

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Música ouvida 103 vezes
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SpongeBob SquarePants & American Horror Story:Coven Parallels


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"Clean your room"
No mom that’s the trash kingdom and I am its humble ruler

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There’s mom showing her will to take pictures

There’s mom showing her will to take pictures

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The first time
he looked at her
he felt:

everything will burn

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oh hey look a locket from when I was little!


i wonder whats inside i-


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There are days that I cannot find the sun even though its right outside my goddamn window.
Neil Hilborn, “This is Not the End of the World”
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"Watching gay media will make kids gay."

Well I don’t know about you, but seeing 12492394294 straight couples on tv, in movies, in books, in magazines, ads, and comic books never once made me straight.

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